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There are many things to consider when looking at the security of your business, the first of which is your front door. Many aluminum storefront doors are very vulnerable to attack due to the fact that the lock cylinder can be easily and quickly wrenched out of the door, thereby allowing access to your business. Keymasters offers several solutions to this problem and is able to eliminate this risk. Call your Keymasters security consultant today to find out how.


The next thing to look at is your back and side doors. Many back doors are in poorly lit areas which makes these doors especially vulnerable to physical attacks. It is important that you check all your doors for latch protectors and high quality deadbolts, as this is what is going to keep your business safe at night. Contact your Keymasters security consultant to find out what we can do to upgrade your back doors.

Latch guards By Mag are a good example of a high quality latchguard.


But most importantly, having a high grade commercial deadbolt on your side or back door is essential. Call Keymasters today to have our security professional install one today.

Keymasters is a US Lock dealer and carries many grades of high quality lock hardware for all your security needs.

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We install and repair all grades of commercial panic hardware, one piece hinges and electronic combination locksets. Call your Keymasters specialist today to schedule a quotation.

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