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Keymasters locksmiths can repair and open homes, make keys, change lock and safe combinations. We can install and repair safes, disassemble mechanical or electrical locking devices. Whatever your need our technicians are standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call us today or send us an e-mail from our contact us page to get a free estimate.

There are lots of things to consider when checking out the security of your home. First off, let's check the exterior of your home. All major entryways should be kept clear and unobstructed by large trees or bushes. Second, your address should be easily visible from the main road, so that emergency vehicles can find you if needed. Third and finally, security lighting is a major deterrent to thieves and vandals.

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Now that we have covered the outside of your home, let's take a look at your entryways. When you move into an existing home or have a new one built, you should always have your locks re-keyed. Now you ask, "What is re-keying?" Re-keying is a procedure in which we disassemble your locks, remove the old pins, and install new ones, so that your old key no longer works and a new one takes its place in the same lock. This prevents people who have the old keys from gaining entry and in some cases enables you to have one key for all the doors in your home. This is a more cost-effective way to secure your home than replacing the locks.

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Next, let's check your doors for deadbolts. Keymasters recommends you have deadbolts on all entry doors to your home. Now you ask "I have deadbolts, but are they any good?" It's not easy to tell if you have good deadbolts on your home or even if they are installed properly. Many new home builders do not install the security strikes properly leaving you very vulnerable to forced entry. Call Keymasters to have our security experts give your home a safety check today! If you have any doors with glass in them, Keymasters recommends that you have double cylinder deadbolts on those doors. A double cylinder deadbolt is a deadbolt with a keyhole on both sides of the lock (see Photo A). For doors without glass, a single cylinder deadbolt will be needed.

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A Burglar can enter the home through a door using several methods:

  • The door can be left unlocked and the intruder walks right in.
  • Doors can be kicked in
  • Door locks can be picked
  • Door locks can be hammered until they fall off
  • Doors can be pried open
  • Door frames can be spread apart with a spreader bar
  • Door locks can be “drilled out” using a power drill
  • Intruders will often try to pry off the lock using pipe wrenches or pliers
  • Door lights (glass in the door) and sidelights can be broken so the intruder can reach in and unlock the lock
  • Sometimes thieves obtain a copy of the house key from an acquaintance and use it to unlock the door

According to a study by the California Crime Technological Research Foundation, the most common techniques used by burglars to enter single-family homes are through either a unlocked door or window or through forced entry.

These statistics show how important it is to lock your doors and windows and to install strong door locks. Because most forced entries use some form of impact to break through the door, this means impact resistance should be an important aspect of selecting door locks. So when discussing lock prices with your Keymasters security consultant, remember these locks are what is going to protect you and your family.

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