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Modern Key-less remote controls are remarkable products. Thanks to recent technology, key-less remotes have become an essential part of our everyday life. Our cars now have key fobs, transponders and remotes. These car remotes provide key-less entry to our automobiles at the press of a button and without having to fumble for car keys. But what happens if you lose one? You could sit there and try and order one online, sure it seems cheaper but most of these online websites provide you a remote of questionable reliability and also are usually uncut and unprogrammed. It is best to leave the hassle to us - just bring in your car and all available keys or remotes you have and we will take care of the rest. Even if you have lost everything, we can come to you and produce a new remote for your car.

Come visit our showroom conveniently located 1 block off Northwest Highway in Crystal Lake and we can provide you with new keys and remotes for a fraction of the dealer cost.

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Here at our convenient walk-in locksmith storefront we can provide you with replacement remote controls, replacement key fobics and transponder keys for your automobile. All this while you wait. We provide a convenient waiting room and also have an available play area to keep small children occupied. Most keys and replacement remotes can be cut and programmed in under 30 minutes while you wait. It is best to call us at 815-444-7233 to make an appointment as we are often in and out taking care of our clients and we want to provide you with the fastest service possible. We have hot coffee and beverage available as well.

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Have you lost all your car keys and need them replaced? Having your car towed to a dealer or service center can often cost upwards of 600 dollars. Here at Keymasters we come to you for a fraction of the cost. Just make sure you have proof of ownership of the vehicle and call us at 815-444-7233 to schedule a service call today!